Korcula – Homeland of Marco Polo

дом марко поло корчула

Marco Polo is one of the world’s greatest writers about traveling – was born in 1254 in the town of Korcula which is located on the island with the same name. He died in Venice in 1324. Marco Polo went through the famous Silk Lane and worked as a diplomat for Kublai Khan. He also discovered and brought a highly developed Chinese civilization to Europe: such inventions as paper money, spaghetti, silk and spices. Even Christopher Columbus wrote down notes before the discovery of America using the book of Marco Polo. This famous traveler interests many tourists so people come to see his native house in Korcula and learn a lot of interesting details about his life.

The meeting of Odysseus and Circe on the Korcula island


After a very bad impression of Lestrigonov , who he met in the area of the modern city of Omis, Odysseus and all survived sailors are desperately running to the southeast. They make their way between the island of Brac and the mainland, then between the island Hvar and the mainland, then runs from the western side of the Peljesac peninsula and swims to Korcula island. Eastern Cape of the island of Korcula, near the town of Lumbarda -the place where Odysseus was supposed to land. There he meets a beautiful enchantress –Circe, who turns into pigs most of his sailors, but not him. God Hermes helps Odysseus , gives him a magic herb, which cancels al her spells. Struck by his ingenuity, the beautiful Circe falls in love with Odysseus, and loving couple stays on Korcula for the whole year. After that she helps him and his people to leave the island and to continue their journey.These magic herbs from the Homer’s description fit the description of endemic plants from Korcul which is called the Pancrazio (Pancratium maritimum) and grows on the sandy shores.

Trojan hero Antenor – founder of the city of Korcula

Корчула интересные факты

According to the Greek mythology, Trojan warrior Antenor founded the Korcula in the 11th century BC. During the Trojan War, when the Greeks using a clever turn with a wooden horse went into the city of Troy, the Greek king Menelaus decided to spare Antenor and his family. Antenor, his wife Teana and their four sons were able to leave and take all their possessions free. They headed towards the Adriatic Sea and on the site of today’s Korcula they built a new home.

Today, at the entrance to the old town of Korcula there is a Latin text on a stone board, which dates back to 16th century and which says: «After the burning of Troy these walls were built by Antenor».

Knight’s game Moreška – Travel In Time


Moreška is the traditional chivalrous game with swords. This is inevitable and the most recognizable part of the tourist content of Korcula. Tourists can see it in the authentic atmosphere of the ancient city walls and towers. Once upon a time it was played across the coast of the Mediterranean but for more than 400 years the tradition has survived, is being preserved and continues only in Korcula. Romantic war dance was founded in the 12th century in the Mediterranean and came to Korcula in the 16th century from Spain. It has appeared as a reminder of the victory of the Christians over the Moors and today it symbolizes the victory of good over bad. Come to Korcula, admire Moreška dancers and let them carry you into the ancient times.

Korcula – the most beautiful medieval city in Croatia!


Korcula was founded on a peninsula in the northeastern part of the island Korcula. It is considered the most beautiful medieval town in Croatia and one of the best-preserved medieval cities in the Mediterranean. Medieval walls and towers surround it and they give it a special charm. The streets are arranged in the shape of fish bones in order to reduce the impact of cold winter winds.


How to get to Korcula?

паром Корчула

The closest airport to the island is located in Dubrovnik (130 km) and 170 km from Korcula there is a Split Airport.

You can reach the island by direct bus from Zagreb (10 hours), Dubrovnik (on the Korсula Bus about 3 hours) and Split. The company Jadrolinija does the ferry crossing. During the peak of a touristic season (06.03.2016 – 02.10.2016) ferries from Korcula to Orebic depart every 30 minutes.

расписание парома Корчула

And this is the schedule of ferries for the rest of the time.
расписание парома Корчула
Some ferries link the island to the port of Split in the town of Vela Luka, and Dubrovnik with a city of Korcula itself. Ferry Marko Polo from Rijeka makes a journey of 10 hours and the Italian city Bari from Korcula can be reached within 12 hours. In addition, high-speed catamaran Krilo departs daily at 6:00 am from Korcula to Split with stops in the village Prigradica on the north side of the island and the island of Hvar. Departure from Split to Korcula is at 16: 00-17: 00 (journey time 2.5 hours).

Where to stay in Korcula (Croatia)

Most tourists come to Korcula for excursions. But if you want to spend a few days in the city, I advise you to book the apartments.


What to see in Korcula

vthe next post. There you will find all the major attractions of the city with their stories and photos.

General information about Korcula Island

Korcula Island is the island in the Adriatic Sea in the south of Croatia, which located near the coast of southern Dalmatia, approximately 20 kilometers to the west of the island of Mljet and 80 km to the west of Dubrovnik. Population – 16 182 (2001). From the Peljesac peninsula (continental Croatia) Korcula Island is separated by the Peleshatski narrow strait (its width ranges from 900 to 3000 m).
The island is 276.03 km², its length is about 46.8 km, and maximum width is about 7800 meters.
The main towns on the Korcula Island is Vela Luka, Smokvica, Blato and Lumbarda.
Korcula Island is a famous tourist destination and is a unique combination of beautiful nature, an ancient culture and modern tourism.


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