Дубровник. Видна гору Срдж

Дубровник. Видна гору Срдж

Mount Srdj plays a very important role in the history of Dubrovnik. Since the founding of the city from the VII century, it served him as a reliable defender and a big threat. It protected Dubrovnik from the winds, had an excellent supervisory and it was a good defensive point, but at the same time the city was sometimes subjected by an enemy shelling from Mount Srdj.



At the beginning of the XIX century the French laid fort on the hill which was called “Imperial”. After Napoleon’s defeat, Austrian Empire occupied these lands and the fort was rebuilt.

fort Imperial Dubrovnik

For Croats this fort – a symbol of Dubrovnik defense of 1991-1995. After the collapse of Yugoslavia, Croatia declared its independence. This was the reason of a military conflict.



Dubrovnik was under siege by the troops of the Yugoslav People’s Army and was repeatedly bombed, which caused damage to the city, including its historic center. Therefore, 6 December 1991 the shelling lasted for more than 10 hours. Not without its casualties. After the war, the Croatian authorities in cooperation with UNESCO began to rebuild the city. Extensive construction and restoration work was completed only in 2005. In memory of the victims of this war on the summit of Mount Srd in a place, where bombardment of the city was conducted, a memorial cross was erected.


Now the fort is a museum of the Civil War. There a variety of documents, photos and videos, weapons and mine blasting agents, military maps and orders – the last memory of the recent war are kept in store.

Get to the summit of the mountain you can along the ecological path length of 2 kilometers. Or use the cable car and only in 3-4 minutes in comfortable conditions you will get to the top.


Funicular station is located in the very beginning of the street King Peter Krešimir IV (ul. kralja Petra Krešimira IV) near the Old Town. Usually the winter period (from late November to early March) the cable car is closed. More information about the schedule of work and cost of the trip you can find on the official site of Dubrovnik Cable Car. You can also buy there tickets online and do not stand a long queue at the cashier.The cable car was opened in 1969 and was the first funicular in the whole Adriatic coast. In 1991 it was completely destroyed and re-opened for tourists in the summer of 2010.


Mountain height is 413 meters. You can see stunning views of the Old Town, the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Republika Srpska), and even Montenegro from the summit.



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